My 5 Tips to a Fuss Free Party!


We just celebrated my sons 1st Birthday at Sirromet Wines here in Brisbane. It was a complete hit, much like my daughters party 2 years ago!


Why? because we used the exact same blueprint.

We did the same thing except with a different theme. I can’t stress this enough, if you throw one amazing party and it worked! I say roll with it.

It literally takes the stress away and you are basically guaranteed for it to run smoothly.

There’s an extra tip before we start!

Use the blueprint you already have. If a party at home was fun and easy, do that; if a park works well for loads of kids, do that.. but if you found yourself in the kitchen the whole time, a sweaty mess or hate the clean up or food wastage, try something else and keep these tips in mind.

My top 5 tips:

1. INVITATIONS. There’s an app called Canva. You can literally choose an invite template, add a photo, your colours & font. You can create a great invitation for FREE.

Now if you’re like me and not concerned about sending out a hard copy, you can literally send your invite as a photo via text message or through Facebook. Otherwise you can print your invite as a photo at your local Kmart or printing shop.

2. Choosing a VENUE!  I know what your thinking, a winery for a 1st Birthday Party.. Weird? Cool? Smart? Let me explain.. For us we held our baby shower in our family home and to be honest it was hard work so we decided to ditch that idea for any future parties.

We wrote down non-negotiables. Clean toilets. Fresh drinking water. Menu choice and cost. A playground or outdoor area. Parking is also something to consider.

For us the guests were mostly adults with a handful of kids. We choose Sirromet Winery as it ticked all the boxes. Extra perks were live music and it was free to claim an area early and decorate (much like a local park).

3. START TIME. This one. Write this down or take a mental note. When throwing the kids parties we invited our families an hour earlier or some might say we invited our friends an hour later.

This is life changing. It meant we could have quality time with our family and then have quality time with our friends. None of this getting home and feeling like you spoke to everyone but also no-one.

So literally on the Canva app I made one invite with 11am start time, saved it and edited it with 12noon for the second one. Saved and sent them accordingly.

4. FOOD! What I loved the most and I highly recommend is to get catering. Shock horror, I don’t lurrrve being in the kitchen all day. I truly don’t! Choosing Sirromet meant we could turn up on the day and order food as we pleased. As little or as much as we needed. There was no meal prep, no wastage and no over spending on foods that weren’t eaten. We ordered more of what our guests were clearly enjoying (chicken drumsticks were a hit) and less of what lingered. I found in the past that hitting the shops and slaving away for days, guessing how much food you need; ends with leftovers that often can’t be reused anyway. The fact is people cancel last minute due to.. well life! This will stop your wallet feeling heavy and food being wasted.

Oh the cake; we went for a delicious Nodo Donut Cake for both Jesse and India’s Birthday’s. Sounds fancy - they are; without the price tag. Our numbers changed and we were able to order more/less up until the day before. There’s also the added bonus of simply cutting donuts in half and having the option for seconds.

5. ENVIRONMENT! Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Yep after choosing your ‘theme’ or go-to colours; you probably won’t be surprised when your theme is already the rage in your house or maybe a family/friends house. For example; with Jesse’s party we went with the token Wild One vibes and my dad had loads of hand crafted wooden African animals from his holidays. So that was sorted! African animals, a timber cake stand & hand cut palms for the tables. Done. Using any vases, ornaments or photos from around the house is also simple and effective. So there you go, borrow where you can and in hand its always nice to offer. Another tip I might add is recycling on your local Facebook group post party. I was able to give away a few blown up balloons and signs for the next little boy or girls birthday.


That’s it. They are my top 5 tips to throwing a fabulous fuss free Birthday party.

  1. DIY Invites

  2. Fuss Free Venue

  3. Split Timing

  4. Food on Demand

  5. Environmentally Friendly

We really wanted to honor the fact ‘it takes a village’ to raise a family and parenthood needs to be celebrated as well.

Lastly, we did of course take out some rugs, pillows, hola hoops, bubbles and activities for the kids. Happy days. Actually for our wedding we hired a face painter! That was a hit!


I hope this has helped another to-be party host out there!


Which tip will you use for your next celebrations?

big love xx