Should You Be Consuming Dairy?

Hi Friends, today I’m going to touch on a very controversial topic and one I am asked about regularly and that is dairy.

Questions like do I consume dairy?

Is dairy healthy?

Do my kids drink milk? And if so, how did I introduce it?

What baby formula have I used?

Overall, my thoughts on the topic!

I want to share this information with you because I believe it could completely change your life. I'll share scientific studies, my personal experience and then its up to YOU.

As a parent, I try to learn as much as I can. It helps me to make a more informed decision and ones that align with my family’s health goals. I always strive to have a growth mindset and be open to change.

Let’s be straight up, I personally do not believe dairy or cows milk is a health food.

We have been lead to believe that it is healthy and there are health benefits derived from consuming dairy for calcium and strong bones. I do understand where these assumptions are coming from but we also need to understand who is funding these studies. When these studies are funded by the dairy industry itself there’s a conflict of interest. There’s no way they are going to produce negative results. And if there was, they certainly aren't going to talk about it.

The way these studies are carefully crafted is set up for the dairy industry to win! So if you are reading articles about dairy, please read the fine print to see exactly who funded the study and see if YOU think it’s viable or trustworthy.

Now some of the info I'm going to share is going to feel uncomfortable because you may be hearing it for the first time. However, there is a reason you are reading this.

Maybe you feel like I did many years ago. Something isn't adding up!

I spent the first 20 years of my life consuming dairy and cows milk without knowing what was in it, and what it does to our bodies.

For me, in 2008 I woke up New Years Day covered in a rash that spread head to toe. Psoriasis. Guttate Psoriasis to be exact. For 9 long months, I was in the hands of medical doctors examining me up to 3 times per week on all kinds of medications, antibiotics, diets, and even sunbeds - yes you read that correctly. I guess technically its called 'light therapy'. The elimination diet began and dairy was the first 'food group' to go.

Hello, alarms bells.


On the side, I started to seek holistic help. I saw a local Kinesiologist who said I had a food sensitivity to casein, gluten and soy.

So whats Casein? Casein is the protein in cows milk called Casein protein and makes up 80%, the other 20% being Whey protein which I'm sure you've heard of. Casein is kind of swept under the rug. There are 2 types of casein protein A1 & A2. In recent years, you may have heard that A2 milk is the 'healthier' option. Why? Because it doesn’t contain BCM-7 - an opioid peptide released during digestion that has been linked to type 1 diabetes, autism, heart disease and the list goes on. It’s also said that when this opioid is released it's like morphine which keeps us addicted to milk!

I have linked a recent audio/podcast by Stephen Cabral (A board certified Naturopathic and Ayurvedic Doctor) at the bottom if you want to nerd out about Casein.

This audio/podcast is linked below.

This audio/podcast is linked below.

Mostly we hear about lactose (the sugar in cows milk) because many of us don't have the enzyme lactase to break down the lactose, so it goes through fast and undigested. However here I was hearing about casein.

Fun Fact : Steve Cabral says 9 out of 10 people come back positive to a dairy and cows milk IgG sensitivity test. Meaning 9 out of 10 people get the bloating, gas, skin rashes, brain fog 24 to 72 hrs later. I, too use to question my last meal but really the sensitivity may be from 1-3 days before.

Around 2011 I read a book called The China Study by Dr. T Colin Campbell. A man who grew up on a dairy farm and thought he was going to prove to everyone dairy was healthy for us but what he discovered was undeniable. He started out providing protein to malnourished kids in the Philippines only to find, the more protein in their diet; the more cancer. Dr Campbell chose to use the abundant protein source casein, from cows milk for testing. He discovered they could physically turn cancer on, and off. The more casein, the more cancer.

Dr. T Colin Campbell has a brilliant TEDx Talk video I have linked below for an gob smacking and incredible overview of his life's findings. If you have read this far, YOU are invested in your health and you NEED to watch it (18mins).

This book changed my life and gave me mountains of perspective into the health industry and really injected me with the obsession I still have today.

Here I was early 20's, I swapped to almond milk for my smoothies, enjoyed black coffee and changed my whey isolate to plant-based protein powder. Some people thought I was mad but I had read the evidence and I was convinced. I ditched staples like tasty cheese and yoghurt. They were no longer on my shopping list and I didn’t believe in a 'fake' cheese replacement. Yoghurt was swapped for coconut yoghurt at the time but I found it more of an occasional food. So yoghurt and cheese have not been a staple in our home for a long time.

Over the years, I’ll admit, I have felt the extreme pressure to let ‘it’ slide. That my beliefs were incorrect. That I was uneducated without a university degree and because doctors STILL to this day recommend cows milk, especially for children. This is insane in my opinion.

Once I got myself sorted, I found that I wasn’t crazy strict and never really fell under the influence of labeling myself or my eating habits to one particular ‘identity’. In my own home, I was able to set myself boundaries that aligned with my personal beliefs and really just what FELT good. This has served me really well physically, emotionally and mentally.

I continued to investigate, experience and live my life.

Birthday Lunch @ Mandala Organic Arts Cafe March 2013

Birthday Lunch @ Mandala Organic Arts Cafe March 2013

‘Best dessert EVER!’ Insta April 2013. Back when Coyo was all the rage and my Insta styling was not haha.

‘Best dessert EVER!’ Insta April 2013. Back when Coyo was all the rage and my Insta styling was not haha.

I want to quickly touch on Ayurvedic Medicine as they use ghee (clarified butter) regularly and you most likely see me using it. Ghee is pure fat from cows milk. There is next to none if any, protein or sugar in high-quality ghee. Therefore it allows casein and lactose sensitive people to consume ghee without the horrific side effects.

If you've been to India or Sri Lanka you would have seen the ribs and muscles of these cows because they aren’t pumped full of growth hormones like most dairy cows in the Western world. They are seen as a sacred and spiritual animal and have been for 1000's of years. I've spoken to my Ayurvedic doctor about this and he says that the industry IS changing, even in the Himalayas. He recommends seeking top-quality organic grass-finished ghee only.

Or of course, you can make your own very easily at home. There are plenty of recipes freely available on the internet.

So around mid 20’s, I found this really beautiful happy medium when I thought about these animals in a more sacred and spiritual way. I felt more comfortable and confident when consuming dairy that was blessed, loved and raised kindly.

We made a solid shift. It wasn’t often but when Pete and I chose to purchase dairy, we opted for pasteurised organic produce. I want to also add, even making this change for us is all relative. It’s kind of like choosing to smoke a cigarette or chew tobacco. Tobacco would be the better option but they both have been proven to cause cancer.

Sounds dramatic, I know!

But this is the truth! The studies PROVE cows milk cause cancer too!

Since then I've got married, had 2 beautiful babies, studied health and nutrition coaching and been gifted the responsibility to make these decisions on behalf of our children.

Combining nutrition and my children has been a whirlwind. It’s been a mix of peer pressure, gut instinct, self-doubt, self-belief, life experience, advice, education, calling the BS and soldiering on. More on this to come.

There is much more I could say but I feel like this is enough for you to digest. I will do a Part 2, to continue this conversation combining Motherhood and Dairy. Spoiler alert; my children’s babyccinos - all made from almond milk.

For now PLEASE dive into the links below. It isn’t me who has done this incredible research and scientific studies, I’m simply here to deliver it to you!

If there’s ONE thing I would encourage you to do today for your health and longevity - it is to drop the cow's milk. Swap it out. Water it down. Do what you need to do to eliminate cows milk from your diet. Your future self will thank you!

As always, please feel free to leave a comment below or share this with a friend you think it could help!


Big love, Lisa xx