Who is the Mind Body Mama?


I’m Lisa! A mama with a mind and a body.. just like YOU!

You might be wondering where the word spirit or soul is.. it is there, you just can’t see it. But I hope you can feel it.

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For as long as I can remember my spark for helping people has always shone through, naturally coaching family and friends on my knowledge; learning and teaching from my mistakes and overall a deep authentic care for their future.

With the ‘health and wellness’ industry moving at break-necking pace, its near impossible to keep up.

A decade ago, I called BS on where the world health system was headed and how we were being manipulated into buying fads and using a band aid approach. The more I explored health, wellness and spirituality, I was led to Ayurveda.

AYURVEDA - is the science of life. Ayur = Life and Veda = science or knowledge. Ayurveda is one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems.

Who was I?

20-year-old me was questioning my darma (my life purpose), something my local doctor just wasn't getting as I danced between a vicious cycle of 'depression' and happiness. Yes, I was that girl who couldn’t figure it out… Who the heck was I?

DARMA - Your life purpose or truth! The intended path of each person. Your duties, values and responsibilities while you are on this earth. A higher purpose beyond one’s desires. Your service or contribution to society.

I wanted answers. I needed to feel balanced and in control. I wanted to know WHY? Why was my mind playing tricks on me so often?

I started to investigate; I read self-help & holistic nutrition-based books to discover the exact opposite the world seemed to be telling us to do. Slowly I started implementing strategies of meditation, yoga, and other natural health healing therapies.

HOLISTIC - the unshakable connections between mind, body and spirit. These connections extend far beyond the individual, reaching into the universe.
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if you are not in the state of either acceptance, enjoyment, or enthusiasm, look closely and you will find that you are creating suffering for yourself and others.


Shortly after I would seek the help of a Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Doctor. He introduced me to the world of Ayurveda, Chinese & herbal medicine and overall feeling alive. He got me!

My path to wellness was well on its way as I grew more excited and educated about my present moment, my past and future.

Were my past feelings of deep sadness just an unbalanced mind & body? Was my body screaming at me to slow down, change sleeping patterns and eat for my dosha (mind-body type)? Yes, are you as confused as I was? All these things our modern go-to doctors didn’t seem to know about.

Spreading my wings!

Over the coming years I would spread the wellness word, motivate and demonstrate what was feeling so damn good. I travelled the world to seek adventure, I applied unique training techniques to transform my body, flirted with every ingredient on the shelf and ultimately rekindled my connection with myself.

In 2014 I purchased almost every raffle ticket to a sold-out Dalai Lama event hosted here in Brisbane, Australia. Can you believe it; I didn't win the tickets? But life as you know it has its karma and I landed front row tickets to the Dalai Lama's Teachings and Public Talk. I felt the shifts roll through me and deepen my understanding into spirituality reinforcing what I was called to do.

KARMA - means ‘to do’. Karma is the action and also its effect. For every action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction. Karma is energy, its neither good nor bad. Everything happens for a reason.

The following year, my husband and I visited Sri Lanka on our honeymoon. We ventured straight into the jungle to a place called The Samadhi Centre and greeted with 'Ayubowan' the traditional Sinhala welcome which means 'Let there be long life!'


This place would change my life forever.


We practiced yoga in the mornings, ate from the organic gardens over oil lit dinners. We bathed outside to sound of forest birdsong. We were graced by kind, calm, engaged and conscious humans. The Kandy Samadhi Centre is truly one of a kind. Pure magic. Pure bliss.

I had my first consultation with a leading Ayurvedic Physician at Samadhi. We took part in the traditional Ayurvedic healing treatments of yoga, nutrition, full body massage and steam bath daily. We departed feeling abundant and rejuvenated. We also learnt there is no word in Sinhala for goodbye but 'mama gehilla engang', 'I will go and return!'

And with that, in my whole being, I know my journey to the Samadhi Centre isn't over. I will be back!



A few months later we would be blessed with growing our very first child. Being nutrition obsessed I was all about making healthful choices and honoring what my body was needing. I focused hard on naturally nourishing my baby womb side and again entering the world earth side.

Breastfeeding would come with all its challenges which still astonish me to this day; how close we came to throw it all in. After weeks of cracked nipples, severe pain and a hospital visit, we spoke with a Community Child Health Nurse. Instead of the positive experience you'd expect as a first-time mama she questioned my ability to produce enough milk for my growing baby. She questioned how I would ever reach her quota of milk for a 4month old, 6month old and so on. Not only was I left completely deflated, I was pissed off!

I had researched this endlessly and it only made me dive deeper. Had all my knowledge of baby’s self-regulation, cluster feeding to increase milk supply and so on. Had it all been BS? How did this health nurse know MY babies future milk requirements at just 4 weeks old when every baby is different? My intuition was sending alarm bells. I sought out advice from other resources and successfully breastfed my daughter until well into her second year of life.

Once we got the feeding issues sorted, we had our 4 month Community Child Health Nurse checkup. A different nurse this time doing her usual round of questions when complimentary feeding (starting solids) was asked about. My daughter sitting right on 4 months old or 16 weeks was recommended to start solids. I remember being shown a large laminated poster and told to start feeding her with fortified rice cereal, sandwiches with ham and cheese, pasta and bananas.

Once again, I left feeling completely mortified by this system. This so-called ‘Health System!’

Through years of personal experience I had identified how manipulating our health system was with this ongoing cycle of band aid approach. Sickness, pharmaceuticals, feel good (not great) & repeat. I was NOT going to let this happen to my child.

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Modern Science meets Ancient Wisdom!

From that day on wards I delve deep into Infant and Child Nutrition. I completed my Health and Nutrition Coaching Certification majoring in Birth to Adolescence Nutrition and Ayurveda. With my experience and background knowledge, I took the holistic approach and acknowledged my child’s whole health and future well-being. I sifted high and low through the studies, research and guidelines. Everything I was reading still didn't match up.


I was left feeling a HUGE gap where modern science wasn't honouring ancient wisdom for new mamas and parents in general. I am extremely passionate if not obsessed and have made it my mission to educate other families and bridge this gap. I want to put this information into your hands, so YOU can make the BEST decisions for you and your families current and future health.




Today I want to leave you with this, the #1 thing I believe every family or household MUST have; a Home Health Coach.

The main person who generally cares, feels pulled towards and has a deep concern for you and your family’s health. This person is probably YOU if you are reading this?


A home health coach is a fancy name I made up for being the educator, the cheerleader and most likely the main health care provider within your home.


If every house hold had a Home Health Coach who was able to implement ancient home remedies, encourage and action healthful living practices, we wouldn't be seeing the rise in child obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression and many other adult diseases now showing up in our kids.


I look at this as our 'duty of care' to teach ourselves and our children about health, nutrition and lifestyle. I believe we can take charge of our health and it starts with you!

If my message speaks to you or has inspired you it could help someone else in your life too. Please click your favourite social media share button below to share it with your friends, family or Facebook groups. My dream is to spread this message in hope you and your family live a vibrant and long life.

So.. who was I?

The answer to that question my friends is, I am!

I am.

That is all. Nothing more, nothing less. I am, without any attachment. Now the big question for you..

Who are you?

big love xx